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Last updated 23rd May 2002.
It's about days until we break up for the Summer Holiday. I think.

Page created & maintained (badly and infrequently) by science technician Séamus King, Old Hall School, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

A source for school science technicians, a place to exchange ideas, to gripe about teachers,
useful educational links, links to manufacturers & suppliers and maybe some other stuff too.

Updated 23rd May 2002. I really must get around to updating this page properly. Doh!!!

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"Oh no," cried the HOD as he collapsed to the floor,"I expected saccharin in my coffee not strychnine."
Séamus King

"Maybe venting the new fume-cupboards through the staffroom wasn't such a good idea...On second thoughts."
Bee Lake, Eastleigh College

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Whingin' Technicians

  • Blast . . .
    the Governors have decided that we're no longer allowed to use electric cattle-prods to move pupils out of the way in the overcrowded corridors when we're trying to move apparatus between labs.
    It was bad enough when they banned the use of pump-action shotguns. (S.K.)

  • "What I dislike:
    is when , having pointed out at the planning stage that teachers wouldn't use their so-called work room and would continue to use the prep-room as a tea-room perhaps they should scrap the idea and build a new pre-room instead then being told by HOD to stop moaning, I can't get into the prep-room to do my job 'cos it's full of teachers drinking coffee which they'd made in the spacious work room (which must under no circumstances be used as a prep-room, HOD) then carried into the already crowded pre-room, we used to have 3."
    - when you get this kind of behaviour, and telling them about Health & Safety and the standard rules of not eating/drinking in areas where chemicals are being prepared and handled are completely ignored, you could always point out to them that you might have accidentally spilt some phenolphthalein into the kettle. After three hours in the loo, they might go elsewhere for their tea. (Ruth C.Black).
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  • Things I dislike -
    Being told how indispensable my opinion is then having it totally ignored.
    Seeing the a new lab being constructed that cost more than my house.
    Seeing a new lab constructed after being asked for my indispensable opinion on the plan, being totally ignored, then having to listen to every teacher that tries to teach in it moan about the stupid layout. (it made the Starship Enterprise bridge look archaic - the James T Kirk era I hasten to add) - and the head still brought parents round to gasp at the wonder of it - duh!!!
    Teachers who look amazed and say are you sure you put 15 scalpels out when only 13 come back, and then add they're a good bunch, I'm sure there's no need to worry!!!!!!
    Uh - hello, this is planet Earth!
    byeeeeeeeeee somerset tek. ( nuttercot )
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  • Things I dislike -
    Teachers who use fume cupboards as a place to keep their broken glass.
    Teachers who put milk bottles in the glass bin and forget about them for weeks at a time.
    Teachers who cannot be bothered to return their milk bottles to the shop and so take up space in my prep room.
    Fume cupboard testers who send the final report to the head who does not send it on to the department. We therefore have no record to show them when they come back the next year and they have nothing to compare their latest figure with.
    People who show up with no prior warning and expect to be shown where everything is. Teachers will still want all their equipment in place though.
    PAT testers who take up a huge amount of space and test things which do not need doing. How do you PAT a battery operated set of computer speakers?
    People who do not delete the initial part of an e-mail meaning that you have to read reams of stuff to get to the new stuff.
    Andrew Checkley, Moorside High School
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  • Re RPAs. Please contact CLEAPSS. We collect them. We nearly have a full set but will swap one for a Pokemon card.
    If teachers are having coffee in your work room, please start diluting the ammonia or get the autoclave working. Takes me hours to read all this stuff. Seamus would you like to have 30 minutes of stand-up comedy time at the next summer technician's meeting!
    Bob Worley Back to the top of the page.

    Technician's Tips

  • Get a job at KFC.There's far more job satisfaction and the pay's better too and you get a nice uniform that you'd look real cute in. I'd be running my own branch if I'd taken that job. Dammit!
    Solutions for pH Testing
    pH Chemical
    1Hydrochloric Acid
    3/4Acetic Acid
    5/6Magnesium Chloride
    7Distilled Water
    8/9Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
    11Sodium Hydroxide
    Colours for Flame-Testing
    Colour Chemical
    LilacPotassium Chloride
    Orange/YellowSodium Chloride
    CrimsonStrontium Nitrate
    Lime GreenBarium Chloride
    Pale Blue/GreyLead Nitrate
    Orange SparksIron Sulphate
    Brick RedCalcium Chloride
    Blue GreenCopper Sulphate

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    I'll put some here as soon as I get around to it. I wonder who stocks them.
    Links to Contacts
    ATP Instrumentation Ltd., Tournement Way, Ivanhoe Industrial Estate, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2UU
    Tel Sales: 01530 566800
    Tel Technical: 01530 566804
    Fax: 01530 560373
    Beecroft, Northfield Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1RR
    Tel: 01709 377881
    Fax: 01709 369264
    Beecroft, 21,Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes, MK13 9HA
    Tel: 01908 221860
    Fax: 01908 313269
    CLEAPSS School Science Service, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH
    Tel: 01895 251496
    Fax: 01895 814372
    Commotion, Unit 11, Tannery Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1RF
    Tel: 01732 773399
    Fax: 01732 773390
    Economatics (Education) Ltd., Epic House, Darnall Road, Sheffield, S9 5AA
    Tel: 0114 2813311
    Fax: 0114 243 9306
    Griffin & George, Bishop Meadow Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5RG
    Tel: 01509 233344
    Fax: 01509 231893
    Philip Harris Education, Novara House, Excelsior Road, Ashby Park, Ashby de la Zouch, LE65 1NG
    Tel: 0870 6000193
    Fax: 0800 7310003

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    School Websites

  • Where I work, Old Hall School, is a Technology College Serving it's Local Community,
    a City Learning Centre and a Beacon School.
  • Another Rotherham school with its own website Wickersley Comprehensive .
  • Can you still hack it as a speedy technician? Find out here with this online Reaction-Timer I set up. Gosh, I am clever, modest too.

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    Sites that may interest...
    The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority website
    The Association for Science Education website
    Who knows what CLEAPSS stands for ?
    The National Grid for Learning Virtual Teachers Centre
    The National Grid for Learning computers for teaching
    Roger Frost's Dataloggerama
    The official Logit website
    The official Datadisc website
    Looking for a new job within Rotherham borough . Good Luck.
    The Technology College Trust rubbish website

    If you know the the details of any useful suppliers or science websites,
    please send me an email....

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