Now on its third name this unique cycle camping event is back. So, even though you probably haven't bought them yet put a note in your 2001 diary, or in your 2000 diary to remind you to put it in your new diary when you buy it.

For the first time, the event will be held on two seperate weekends at two different venues which should give more cylists the opportunity to attend.

The first weekend will be 18th & 19th August 2001 based on the usual campsite on the Lune estuary
at Snatchems End near Lancaster.

The following week, 25th & 26th August, a 2nd event will NOT be held at Kirk Newton near Wooler in Northumberland not far from the Scottish Border. This 2nd weekend event has had to be cancelled due to FOOT & MOUTH Precautions.

There will be the usual Socialising, Rides and Light entertainment.
The event will have the same casual atmosphere that has forged it a well deserved place in cycling history.
If you came to Not Cyclefest or Bike-Right-Lancaster Cycling Weekend then please rest assured,
it's only the name that's changed to protect the innocent. Go on Give it a whirl!

Further info from Steve Andrews
please phone 01524 824594
or email

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