Byke Kultuur Never 3

Byke Kultuur Never

Emergency, temporary issue.
Hey, Closed Road is still in business but Open Road went bust
Issue 3, December 2000
Not much for now, more than Open Road are putting out though, but more will follow in versions a, b, c etc.
Some 'stolen' holiday photos.
Why Seamus King isn't at Bike Right 6.
These aren't links 'cos I've forgotten how to do them.

The BikeFix stand at SpokesFest. The big, dozy, chuff drooling over bikes he can't afford is me.

On the river at Spokesfest, Seamus powering the Newt.
Could be Trevor and Sharon or Mike Perkins in red in the front.

Philip Stanbury having a go on the Speedmachine at the Try-Out Show.

Seamus arriving at SpokesFest on his APB.

Select whichever you feel happiest with....

1. Disruption of rail services due to a landslide between Doncaster & York with the unreliability of alternative services provided.

2. I have a secret lover and I wish to spend more time alone with him/her* (delete as you feel appropriate,tee-hee).

3. I have had a leg amputated following an embarrassing accident.

4. I have contracted an embarrassing communicable disease.

5. My employer has, at last, noticed a pattern to my absenteeism over the last five Novembers and threatened me with dismissal should I be absent from work this month.

6. I don't really like cycling and hate you all anyway.

7. I am going to the Opera with a close personal 'friend'.

8. I am unwilling to undertake the two days in each direction bus journey using National Express & Stagecoach buses.

9. I wish to visit the Peak District to try out my new 70pounds (reduced from 130pounds) boots and it's merely bad fortune that I chose this weekend to do it and can't you change your weekend instead of mine.

10. I have accidentally dyed my hair bright orange (it said chestnut on the box) and I don't want to be seen in public just yet

Open Road has gone into liquidation which has caused severe flooding in York.
An ex-editorial staff member of BCQ and Bycycle is on the verge of launching his/her own cycling magazine. BKN is sworn to secrecy so I can't say any more just yet.

Last updated: 17th November 2000